Tibet, part of China, is located on the Tibetan Plateau north east of the Himalayas mountain range with altitude levels above 4000m above sea level. It is often referred to as the “Roof Of The World”.

Tibet is diverse in its landscape and geography with a mountainous northern region, a rugged eastern region with deep river valleys, the remote western section and the much populated southern region with its holiest temples and monasteries as well as the famous himalayan mountain range.

Yakity Tours offers an exciting 12 days group itinerary complete with return air travel between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The journey in China begins with a 2-hour plus domestic connecting flight from Beijing to Xining on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (2,200m above sea level). The one night stop at Xining is for rest and acclimatization before the 24-hour train ride to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. All the major attractions in Lhasa will be covered during the 4-nights stay in Lhasa. There will be an additional night at Namsto Lake, considered by Tibetans as “Heavenly Lake” for its scenic beauty as well as a night at Gyantse, a prominent Tibetan town with a history going back more than 1000 years. The trip ends with a domestic flight back to Beijing for a 2-nights free and easy stay. Enjoy shopping and entertainment at Wang Fu Jing Street, Beijing’s most famous shopping district.

Recommended travel times are in the summer months from May to August.

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