Mountain Climbing
One of the finest outdoor activities to a lover of highlands is mountaineering or the sport of climbing mountains. Mountain climbing is all about challenges and perseverance, relying on faith and skills to overcome rocks, ice and snow to reach the summit. There, high above and beyond cities and civilisation, the climber can pause and enjoy the natural world and its unspoilt beauty!

Whilst there are many mountains out there for avid mountaineers to scale, Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu within the Kinabalu Park World Heritage site and forming part of the Crocker Range in the state of Sabah in Borneo Island is reputedly one of the most accessible mountains which can be climbed by anybody in good physical condition. With a height of 4095m and varying climatic conditions from tropical at the lower levels to freezing temperatures at the summit, one has to be fit and able to adapt to the thin air at the higher altitudes . Mount Kinabalu can be scaled in a day by the experienced climber although many will do it over a 2days/1night stay with the overnight resthouse stop at 3272m.

Yakity Tours is offering a special 4days/3night Mount Kinabalu package between 23-26 Oct 2014 at RM1870 per person from Kuala Lumpur. The package is an all inclusive arrangement including travel to and from Kota Kinabalu by Malindo Air and 3nights stay with a night before and a night after the climb at Kinabalu Park HQ and a 2days/1night mountain climbing experience. This departure date takes advantage of the weekend and 2 public holidays (Deepavali 23 Oct and Awal Muharram 25 Oct).

Contact us early to place your booking as the allocation is limited and enjoy an unforgettable lifetime experience.